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Our Economy Buildings are designed to offer quality structures at the minimum costs to the consumer. They are built using the same quality as our standard building and are sheathed with LP Smart-Siding    They are built using pressure treated 2”x6” for the floor joist and also pressure treated 2”x6” for the skids under the building ensuring a strong durable floor to support the rest of the building.   Paint prices are already included as part of the value for our Economy Buildings. Currently only 8’x12’s have been incorporated to our Economy Designs.  
Standard Buildings Our Standard buildings include; -Sizes from 8’x12’ up to 14’28’ -8” overhang on the eaves -16” on Center -24” Overhang on gable sides covering the doors -Ridge vents for exceptional air flow -29 Gauge Metal roof (choice of 22 colors) -2”x6” Treated Floor Joist 60% thicker than 2’x4’ -2”x6” Treated Runners  (Doubled or Tripled) 35% to 2x thicker than 4’x4’ runners -7’4 ½” walls standard -Tongue and Groove Smart Finish Floors -Sheathed in lP Smart Siding – -Multiple choices of paint We also have plenty of optional choices for you to decide from.
Accessories We offer a vast list of accessories for the customer to choose from.  From ramps to lofts we like to offer per building what the customer needs. Since every customer is different the needs of every building are different.   Some of the options are as follows -Ramps (from 3’x3’ to 9’x10’) -2’Workbenches the width of the building or any custom length -4’ Lofts the width of the building. Can go as much as the entire length -Partition walls (with or without doors) -We offer wiring that includes 1 GFCI Receptacle, 1 light switch, and 1 or 2 Lamp holders. Extra receptacles and lights are available.  Bold-link to pictures -Multiple Sizes of windows -Multiple Choices of doors from- -We can also install your own personal doors and windows -We offer shingles at no extra costs if requested -Building anchoring -Extra Tall Walls FRONT DOOR -our standard building. Includes a 24” overhang over the door in the gable end SIDE DOOR -this style has the doors on the side or in the length of the building FRONT PORCH -this style includes at 4’ up to 12’ long porch in the front of the building SIDE PORCH -This style includes a custom porch along the length of the building. PORCH MUST BE BUILT ON SITE
Economy Buildings